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Truyện Kiều
The Tale of Kieu
Language: Vietnamese
VN Traditional folklore and legends
VN Poetry, song, literature
Description: The epic poem, often considered the most significant work of Vietnamese literature. Boxed set of 10 audio CD's.
Price: $40.43 USD Internet: $28.30 USD
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Publisher: NXBGD / CTCP Học Liệu
Publisher's Code: VCD47e2
Publisher's Number: 245-2012/CXB/1-280/GD
ISBN: 9786040006752
EAN: 8934994150651
Year Published: 2012
Added to VSL:
Age Group: Adult
Media: Audio CD
Vietnamese Language Skill: Advanced
Weight: 32 oz
Height x Width: 9.75 x 5.75 in
Author: Nguyễn Du
Performers: NSƯT Trần Thị Tuyết
Thanh Hương
Phương Lan
Nhật Quỳnh
Ngọc Quang
Thành Trung
Ngọc Hoa